JENA has worked very hard in having as few Chinese parts or Components as humanly possible, for many years now.
     The reason is independence and liberty as an integral part of American made products. 
 We do not depend on C.C.P. favor, approval or permission to make the very best we can...
AND keep the products great by not using junk.     

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  The Sequoia-Seedling and the Twig based on the primary input of the Sequoia AC Power Conditioner - Just received,     The Prestigious Brutus Award ... from Positive-Feedback online Magazine - We are quite proud of that and speaks to the superlative performance of our designs.
  NEWEST Product - STEP IT UP mc~phono transformer
    NEWEST Power Cord Product   Now In production development
 NEW Sequoia Sapling later this month!
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Seedling and award

  Land Line Phone - 503-639-7551

    Due to time shift for the EU requirements, please do not call before 10AM PT - GMT-8    

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has made a big leap of faith in our customers, with a benefit of lower prices on many products...
         ....and freedom to design the very best.    We began to make a commitment to reduce the very high profits within dealer pricing structures...
         ...thus we can survive in a hostile environment, with superior products.
                Designed and Manufactured in the United States of America with pride and accomplishment.

         Space here to say our hearts and prayers are for the families and individual victims of the  WuHan C.C.P. Virus.
           Victims of it are found around the world;  it does not matter how many, it is too much suffering in all ways imaginable.
                   Stay Safe  - "Physical" Distancing works.  Use quality high grade face masks. 
                        Get Some Sunlight by going outside and exercise some.  Fear within politics is your enemy -  Stay Sane in these insane times 



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