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     News !!! JenaTechnologies has been designing electronics for years...
     Retro modifications applied to make equipment perform better.
        We do have an e-bay presence, so if you find some products listed on e-bay, as sold by J-whitewolf it is real.

     Our custom
power conditioning equipment designs already have a market presence of award winning note.
     Our custom modified electronics have defined some markets with performance distinction.

     The logical progression is the manufacture of superior audio equipment, such as pre-amplifiers and associated electronics.
     Working in close association with John Curl, JENA Labs is producing several new products with that specific goal.

All Pictures are linked!  below:
   PRE Orders of the Sequoia -Sapling being accepted now -
input sequoia board
latest Sequoia_sapling
custom applications
jena ultra wire
completed model two
jena-jctwo-ch ->>
One of the worlds best Pre-Amplifier designs is being improved by JENA Labs.-> Find out how.  -  Coming soon!

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Valkrye RCA
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Headphone rewire kit
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Streamdancer USB2
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Awakenings 25 wire interconnects
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soloist plus RCA
SL speaker cable
twin 25 speaker cables
Valkrye DIGI XLR cable
in good company
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ultra bit diamond-plus
electrical contact fluid
Super jumpers
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Our Ultra Wire
Cryo Duplex #1
Zero GT Presicsly made
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GT guitar cable
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Jenny at Recording
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Liquid Nitrogen skills
We use Linux
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